Thursday, June 9, 2011

My true Self (and yours too)

The Bucket in the Valley by 3dgar
Many traditions share a particular mantra that explains true nature, the very core of our being. This exercise is by itself a journey of self discovery, should one decide to practice it. This meditation goes beyond beliefs, dogmas or doctrines and its sole purpose is to help us become aware of our innermost identity: our truest self. This is my version:

I have a body, but I am not my body.

My body may find itself in different conditions and states at various points in time, yet this has nothing to do with my real self because even though my body changes, I continue to be me in essence.

I behave in different ways, but I am not my behavior.

My behavior comes from my thoughts and depends on present context. I sometimes behave inappropriately and sometimes appropriately. In any case, since I am not my behavior this has nothing to do with my true essence. I am beyond behaviors.

I have emotions, but I am not my emotions.

My emotions are sometimes negative and sometimes positive. My emotions change as I move in space and time and even though my emotions change, I continue to be me in essence. I know I am not my emotions. My true nature remains the same despite the different emotions I experience.

I have a mind, but I am not my mind. 

My mind is a tool for creating emotions, behavior and body. My mind processes the information in my immediate surroundings. My mind is powerful, but it is not what I am. My true essence is beyond my mind and my body.

What am I?

I know the things I am not. Beyond these multiple aspects is my true self. My body, behavior, emotions and mind may change or evolve with time, but I still am me in essence. I am a being of pure self-consciousness. I lie ever-present in space and time regardless of all these things and changes, because in reality they are not really me. My true "I" exists regardless of the different experiences my body goes trough.

I am one with everything around me that can and cannot be seen. I am that which can and cannot be explained. I am that which transcends space and time.

I am essence beyond substance.

I am with or without the physical manifestations of the self.

I am.

As are You.

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  1. Love this Edgar. Wanted to include you in my bloggers #FF this morning but am noticing your tweets are protected. Ok to do so in the future? I hope you have a great weekend =)